Bohai Heavy Industry Pipeline Co., Ltd specializes in high pressure alloy pipinpsfittings and prefabriacated pipes for use in thermal power plant, nuclear power plant,oil and gas.There are 3 branch plants currently, totally cover 1100 mu(732.6 thousandO) . The registered capital is 161 million RMB. It is a heavy industry company which has unlimited area within the global approving by State Administration of Industry and Commerce.
Bohai has engaged in manufacturing pipings for almost 30 years. The three branch plants have their divivision and develop in coordination.The first branch plant is mainly for producing pipings used in oil, petroleum and gas. Bohai has independently and jointly provided products to west-east gas transmitting projectChunxiao gas fieldthe East Sichuan gas projectsShan Jing PipelineZhongwu Pipelineetc. almost taking part in all the national large-scale pipeline projects and also export to Pakistan,Kazakhstan,Burma etc. At the same time, Bohai also supplied the pipings and fittings for several millions of tons of oil refining, 10 million tons of ethylene and largest chemical fertilizer projects.
The second and the third branch plants mainly produce high temperature, high pressure alloy steel pipe and stainless steel pipings and fittings for use in thermal power plant, nuclear power plant and boiler factory. Bohai has independently and jointly provided four main piping/fittings/prefabricated pipes for 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW units projects around 200 sets. In the nuclear market, Bohai had participated in Qin Shan, Lan Yungang, Ling Ao and San men nuclear projects. Beside the domestic market, our products have also exported to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, etc., many countries around the world.We also accomplished the project ‘Indonesia Suralaya full set pipings, fittings, prefabricated pipes for 4*600MW’, which is concluded and signed by the national chairman Hu Jintao and Susilo.  Now we are cooperating with Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute to develop AP1000 the third generation nuclear main pipeline and is developing jointly with BINE (the Second Nuclear Academy of Institute)in terms of technology for EPR the third generation unclear hyper pipeline.
Bohai invest 1.5 billion RMB for annual output of 100,000 tons of large diameter high-pressure alloy pipe project.The second stage of the project is in progress. This project is named by Hebei provincial government as a provincial key project, as well as city. The second-stage is 60,000 tons hydraulic pressure for main engine and 25000 tons of an auxiliary engine. It’s the maximum power among the peers in the world. It's mainly for producing large diameter high-pressure alloy pipes and stainless steel pipes.
The 3 branch plants are located at both sides of national road 283, mill areas last more than 2000m along the road, with lights lighting and traffics flowing. It’s magnificent scenery of industrial city. We sincerely invite both old and new customers at home and abroad to mail, call or visit us for investigations or business talks with a view to common development and glories.

Company solemn commitment:

Customer's requirement is our command, and to accomplish that is our mission.

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